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Ditabis: Products - Microarray Scanner MArS -

Microarray Scanner MArS

Microarray Scanner for DNA & Protein Biochip Applications in Life Sciences and Diagnostics


ZDM11 Confernce
10.07. – 13.07.2018
FEBS 2018
11.09. – 14.09.2018
Loreal Meeting
28.11. – 30.11.2018
International Zebrafish Conference
21.06. - 24.06.2018 in Madison, USA

You are looking for a handy, flexible and robust scanner which provides excellent results?

Then benefit from the advantages of our Microarray Scanner MArS!

- Best price performance ratio
- Scan four slides simultaneously and save time
- Peltier-cooled laser modules to get the best scan results at every temperature
- Up to six emission filters for flexibility at different fluorescence colorants
- Integrated grey filter to read out barcodes
- 20-bit dynamic range for gene expression and miRNA
- Automatic grid finding
- VerificationKit for the automatic detection and removal of errors so that you can always rely on your measuring results

The MArS is ideal for every laboratory and individual use, whether commercial biochips or self-created microarrays. The MArS offers enough flexibility to read out every microarray slide made of glass or plastics.
In addition, our software SpotScout provides the required values to be able to make scientific and reliable statements.