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Ditabis: Products - Imaging Plate Scanner Micron -

Imaging Plate Scanner Micron

Electron detection (TEM) using Imaging Plate Technology


Loreal Meeting
28.11. – 30.11.2018
FEBS 2018
11.09. – 14.09.2018

Imaging Plate Scanners for all applications in transmission electron microscopy and for X-ray diffraction

- High resolution TEM imaging for weak phase contrast samples
- Low dose cryo (biological or beam sensitive samples)
- Material Science (materials characterization)
- Diffraction pattern
- Replacement of negative film

Are you looking for a solution to digitally store high resolution images of your samples?

Take advantage of our Micron Imaging Plate Scanners!

Best Price-performance rate in comparison with CCD camera
Flexible operation, for several TEM’s or X-ray instruments
Extremely high resolution. Digital images with up to 15 µm pixel size up to 10 k x 10 k Pixels (Imaging Plate size 81 x 100 mm)
Very high Dynamic Range. Up to 20 bit for applications like Electron Diffraction Pattern
Very high sensitivity
Imaging Plates re-usable up to 1000 times
Easy handling without chemistry

Ditabis Micron is ideal for every EM-lab. If Zeiss, FEI, JEOL or Hitachi – Imaging Plates can be used with every TEM. Micron is the perfect replacement for old negative films. But it is also a complementary with CCD cameras.

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