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Ditabis: Products - HCS Microscope ACQUIFER -


HCS Imaging Machine, autom. Fluorescence microscope for living cells and zebrafish
High Content Screening Imaging Machine ACQUIFER
HCS Imaging Machine, autom. fluorescence microscope for living cells and zebra fish
HIVE modular storage solution for BIG DATA
3 modules: - CORE for processing - NET for communication - DATA for storage

Why HCS Imaging Machine ACQUIFER by DITABIS?

We developed our High Content Screening Imaging Machine for easy, precise, robust and smart high content screening applications without the need for an expert to manage the experiment. We focused on integrated data management, long term data transparency, sensitive samples and a robust machine technology that allows Imaging Machines to learn and reproduce protocols from other devices. In other words: HCS Imaging Machines are designed for everyone to use.

What is HIVE?

Designed for the pragmatic, biology-focused scientist, the HIVE platform boosts productivity in microscopy facilities and screening labs.

HIVE is a High Speed Centralized Data Repository that removes the need to constantly move or duplicate data sets in processing and analysis workflows.

Its modular design integrates high speed processing, visualization, remote access, project management, flexibility, data security, scalability and ease of use in one unit.

It saves on time space, costs and administrator workload.