Microarray Scanner MArS


10 till 100 µm resolution

The Microarray Scanner MArS is a perfect cost saving solution to read out microarray slides.


DITABIS is looking for Kit-manufacturers who are looking for equipment development and manufacturing based on fluorescence technology.

Key benefits Microarray Scanner MArS:

  1. Saves lab time by running up to 4 slides in one scan job
  2. One-mouse-click operation for routine applications based on predefined scan protocols
  3. Maximum flexible scan protocols provide high quality and efficiency for your individual research applications
  4. Built-in grey filter for reading barcodes
  5. 20-bit Dynamic Range for Gene expressions and miRNA
  6. Automatic Grid Finding
  7. Verification Kit for automized detection and correction of errors, so you can always trust your measurements

More information about OEM development you can find here.


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Mars System specifications


Two slide-state lasers (standard)

532nm and 635 nm for Cy3, Cy5 and similar fluorescence labels

Emission                                 Up to 6 emission filters, motorized filter wheel
Detection 16-bit dynamic range; linear over 4 decades
Scanning Pixel resolution adjustable from 10 to 100µm
Flexibility Scanning of up to four slides simultaneously
ISO Slide Standard

Width: min. 24,9 mm, max. 25,4 mm

Length: 75 - 76 mm

Scanning field: 23 x 76 mm

Glas or plastic slide


W-H-D: 395 x 305 x 595 mm

Weight: 22 Kg


Software "Spot Scout Pro"


Enables the automatic evaluation of a wide range of biochip formats

  1. Quantifying and evaluating image data from biochips
  2. Powerful algorithms for automatic grid finding
  3. Reliable and efficient quality control

Daily tasks become significantly easier and are performed much faster due to intuitive interfaces,
efficient session management and comprehensive reporting.

Fully automatic grid finding avoids individual errors and affords reproducibility of results at all times.


Quality control

SpotScout comes with reliable quality assurance functions, such as spot position evaluation, artefact
detection and saturation checks.

  1. Objective evaluation of the overall quality of a chip
  2. Objective evaluation of the individual quality of each spot
  3. Avoidance of costly misinterpretation due to experimental artefacts
    Documentation of each evaluation step


Compatible with a broad range of biochip formats


  1. Image formats from microarray scanner MArS and all standard scanners
  2. Import of all GAL files.