Dental Imaging System

based on computed radiography

Dental Scanner by DITABIS (Imaging Plate Scanner)

The DITABIS OEM dental scanner is perfect for every dentist surgery. Digital radiography provides dentists high resolution digital images of the teeth according to all diagnostic requirements. The Imaging Plate Scanner from DITABIS makes the radiography much faster. The compact device is very easy to control and has a very small footprint.

Here you can see an example for a Dental Scanner image:

Imaging Plate, Dental imaging, X-ray, dentist

The DITABIS OEM Dental Scanner can visualize x-ray radiograph.

The benefits of Imaging Plate technology

  1. all common formats
  2. cordless
  3. flexible and thin
  4. reusable
  5. High dynamic range

Here you can see a possible OEM Dental scanner housing:

dental scanner, imaging plate, x-ray, dentist

If you have questions about the instrument or the technique or if you are interested in an OEM development then please contact us busdev(at)

Imaging Plates, dental, scanner, radiography

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