Packaging concepts, shipment concepts


As full-service OEM partner in medical technology, we take care of the complete logistics process for you. In this context, it is our primary aim to provide you with the products at the right time, number and place.

Before shipment, all products are subject to extensive final checking according to the latest state of the art technology. On request, a serial number and an individual label can be attached for identification purposes. This ensures retraceability for every individual device.

DITABIS has many years of experience in the packaging of medical products and knows how devices must be transported safely. For this purpose, we develop an individual packaging tailored to your system so that it reaches its destination undamaged even on long distances with different shipping providers. 

We take over the worldwide shipment of your products and cooperate with reliable parcel services and shipping providers. On request, we can also ship devices to your end customer.

logistic concepts

  1. Quality control and retraceability
  2. Individual packaging development
  3. Shipment of the devices to the location of your choice