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Production / Series Production

Being an experienced development service provider, we exactly know what is important for product implementation, production, storage and shipment of medical devices. In a global environment with growing importance of quality and cost, an early interlinking of development and production is required. After prototyping, we therefore transfer your product to zero series and ensure the successful start of series production by means of extensive testing.

Even during development, our engineers take the later component availability into consideration. Our worldwide supplier network and special contracts with producers and distributors ensure high material quality and an optimum price-performance ratio.

Thanks to flexible production capacities we are able to produce your product within the shortest time in the quality you expect. Our production is certified pursuant to EN ISO 9001 and EN ISO 13485. This ensures that your medical product is produces safe and conforming to standards.

To ensure production, we prepare the complete production documentation and detailed production and test instructions. In this way, we guarantee complete retraceability. Furthermore, we offer you the support of the experts in the case of change requests, for technical service and the further care of your medical product. 

At the transition to series production, there are various different challenges. This already starts with the cost-efficient procurement of components, extends over the optimization of production processes to the exploitation of savings potentials for packaging and shipment. Our long-term experience in series production and development give you the security you require. 

From small series production of your medical product to large-scale series, we are able to offer you all thanks to flexible structures.

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  1. Zero series for trouble-free start of series production
  2. Consideration of component availability
  3. Good price-performance ratio
  4. Production conforming to standards ISO 9001 and 13485
  5. Complete production documentation
  6. Retraceability, serial number tracking
  7. Prototype production
  8. System integration
  9. Module and device testing
  10. Small series as well as large-scale series production or component production

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